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A Message from Kiet - Climb Healthcare Consulting

One year is officially in the books for Climb Healthcare Consulting!  I continue to be filled with gratitude and pride as our team came together to celebrate with our SF food bank community at one of its largest pantries in the city.  When I started Climb, I was hopeful though unsure of the future, and thanks to an amazing team and valued clients spanning both coasts, we have many reasons to feel excited and optimistic. We’ve had to figure out a lot of things along the way, but one thing we knew from the start is the importance of what we call "People Service" - service to our staff, service to clients, and service to neighbors in our communities.   In my 25+ years of being in healthcare, I am constantly reminded that our industry has always been and will continue to be about the people.  While there is no doubt technology plays a critical role, we firmly believe that people are our most valuable asset.  I look forward to seeing our incredible team do great things this coming year.   Thank you all for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and support for what we’re building at Climb Healthcare; we simply wouldn’t be here without you!

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