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Helping Hospitals Elevate Revenue Cycle Performance


Over 20+ years of industry expertise gained through helping hospitals and health systems elevate revenue nationwide.  Insight developed through working in the trenches alongside hospital staff (and addressing a wide breadth of payer compliance issues) enables us to provide meaningful, value-added process improvement recommendations.


We approach client service with a small company philosophy, prioritizing client needs and success above all.  Knowledge sharing and collaboration underpin our commitment to exceptional client service. We take pride in actively sharing our knowledge to empower clients with the information needed to achieve and sustain long term success.


Generating measurable revenue lift, facilitating revenue cycle process improvement, and enhancing payer compliance are all part of how we create high impact.  We go beyond sharing our knowledge and work closely with client stakeholders to implement our recommendations while taking great care to minimize disruption to client operations.



Climb Healthcare is a boutique consulting firm dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems increase their revenue while improving revenue cycle performance.  We perform root cause analysis using claims and payment data to identify revenue cycle and payer compliance issues that cause payment delays and revenue leakage.  We provide high-value insight and help clients implement actionable recommendations that specifically address the underlying issues we identify.  Our focus on collaboration and empowering client stakeholders with knowledge is how we create true value and what makes us unique in the industry.

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Revenue cycle management, in and of itself, is challenging.  When factoring in complex reimbursement methodologies, constantly changing government regulations, and persistent payer denial practices, maintaining revenue assurance and preventing leakage are daunting responsibilities.  More than ever, hospitals stand to benefit from having a trusted revenue cycle advisor to help them navigate these challenges.  Let Climb Healthcare serve as your trusted advisor.  Here's how we can help.  

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Kiet Lam, MPH

Founder | CEO

Kiet has over 22 years of reimbursement and revenue cycle leadership experience.  Prior to founding Climb Healthcare in January of 2023, he served as a senior partner at Triage Consulting Group where he led multiple large scale payment review consulting engagements for some of the largest health systems in the nation.  While at Triage, Kiet also facilitated the development of multiple service lines and departments, including its Medicare Review Services and R&D group.  After Triage’s merger with RevInt to form Cloudmed, he served as Principal of Cloudmed’s Coverage Discovery Unit where he led the build out of the solution and operations team.

Kiet has been an active leader in the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) for the past 17 plus years and currently serves as a board member of the Oregon Chapter.  He also held several leadership roles for the Southern California chapter and has spoken at multiple HFMA conferences.

Earning a Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biology from UCLA, Kiet continued pursuing his passion for healthcare with the pursuit of a Masters of Public Health in Health Services Management, which he also earned from UCLA.  He is a Bruin through and through and proudly serves as President of UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program Alumni Network, which focuses on building a community to support first generation graduates who come from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds.


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